Working with Becky to provide copywriting services to my clients has been a great collaborative experience. As a designer, my focus is on the visual, and it’s great to work closely with someone to bring the visuals to life using her professionally written and strategically crafted content. We both hold our work to similar high standards, so I feel confident that my clients will get the quality of product and service that they’ve come to expect from working with me. Becky brings great insights and creativity to the table and referring clients, colleagues, and friends to her feels like offering a gift. I highly recommend hiring Becky Brown for all your copywriting needs.

Sabrah Maple, Maple Creative

Becky helped me hone in on exactly who our ideal client is, and that not only informed the complete redesign of our website but has clarified every marketing decision since. She is seriously savvy at what she does and is generally just an absolute pleasure to work with!

Cara Wirt, Balanced Massage

“I’m so impressed with Becky! She wrote 30 emails for my campaign in record time, and more importantly, they sound just like me! I’ve tried several copywriters and was so thrilled to find someone who is this masterful at capturing my voice. And she writes even better than I do. If you have a project ready to go and are looking for someone great, I highly recommend Becky Brown!”

Jennifer Diepstraten ,

“Becky at iWrite has made the daunting task of writing policies, articles, website content, e-books and so much more for me, less overwhelming! She listens well, ensures she has clarity, gets to work on the task and delivers exactly what was requested on-time. She has brilliant ideas and a gentle way of “making suggestions” that I have learned to take her up on! She’s the best. I can’t imagine where my business would be without her professional support.”

Dr. Brigid Crowe, Wild Fern Natural Health

I was looking for more clarity and direction in my business practices after moving to a new location, and I found Becky through the local Chamber of Commerce. I connected with Becky immediately in our first call and hired her with specific business goals in mind. After several comprehensive meetings, I was absolutely thrilled with the strategy document Becky provided. I highly recommend Becky at iWrite and feel that working with her put me on the path to successfully sharing what I have to offer in my new community.

Michele Duncan King, Poppy + Veil

I did not have the time or the expertise to write all the content necessary for our website and print marketing needs. I needed someone who could write/speak in my voice. Before working with Becky it was all over the place and lacked consistency. Her timeliness and ability to speak in my voice were AMAZING! I literally couldn’t tell if she wrote it, or if I wrote it! I recommend her for her complete professionalism… and fun too! Everything about working with Becky is easy and fun :-)

Daniel Perry Walkup, BookStayHop

Creating an annual newsletter is a daunting task and finding the right editor can be challenging. I knew from our first meeting that Becky was a true professional. She did her research on our organization and asked pertinent questions about our audience in order to gain a better understanding of what we wanted to accomplish with our newsletter. She then followed up quickly after that meeting with a proposal and timeline.

As production of the newsletter began I found her to be proactive in requesting information and responsive to any questions our team had. The content was well-written and engaging. She captured and maintained our “voice” throughout the issue. She kept to our agreed-upon deadlines and communicated any questions or concerns in a timely manner. It was a pleasure to work with someone who took such an interest in our organization and who takes pride in her work. I would highly recommend Becky Brown for any of your copywriting or editing needs.

“I was looking for a local writer and a fellow BNI member gave me Becky’s name. From our first meeting I knew that I had found that perfect hand-in-glove partner for content needs because as she was sharing her approach to writing she was saying the same things that always run in my mind when I think of content for the web.

Through several projects with Becky including new revising the content for my own site she’s been outstanding to work with. Not just in gathering details and putting words on virtual paper & nailing deadlines, but in focusing in on the essence of the message and delivering a message that works.

If you want someone who can instill the passion you have for your business into your written content, connect with Becky.”

“I hired Becky to craft my CV and I LOVE IT. I love that it’s very clever while still being very useful, it’s professional and spot-on. In fact, I called her the minute I read it. Turn time was spot on as promised, she asked the necessary questions and quickly answered my queries. Thanks to Becky, I have a new useful document I can share proudly. She took a variety of documents and melded them into a superb piece of work. Suffice it to say, I recommend you get yourself an up-to-date CV. To have someone who is not you explain you is a smart move; Becky did it very well for me. It’s insightful to see where you’ve come from and where you’re headed. Get you to Becky and her services.”

Ginger Johnson , Ginger Johnson LLC

“I’ve had a website for probably eight years now but never had an About page because whenever I would sit down to write it I would stumble over my words, agonizing over what to say… not wanting to sound too full of myself, or like a robot, or go on & on…kinda like now. So, I finally broke down and called in a professional… And holy smokes! Becky Brown from iWrite took the words right out of my brain! I sure wish I could have a Becky in my pocket whenever I post on Facebook, craft an email, or write anything for that matter, because this woman can translate the language of the heart. Hmmm….Is there an iBecky app for that?”

Debbie Thornton , Debra Thornton Photography

From the very beginning, Becky demonstrated a strong understanding of our brand and the unique technical language used in our industry. She was able to translate complex ideas into clear and concise language that was easy for both our internal team and external audience to understand. Becky consistently met tight deadlines and was always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that every project was completed to the highest standard. She was a valuable asset to our team and I would highly recommend her for any business writing needs!

Shawn Zimmerman, Quantum Innovations

“I met Becky at one of our Ashland Chamber meetings. She helped me write and edit content for our new company website. She quickly grasped our mission and messaging and applied a consistent perspective and tone throughout the material. She is very professional and approaches her work with a very fun and positive attitude. She responds well to deadlines and produces excellent work. She is a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend her.”

“Becky Brown has completely transformed our online marketing efforts by precisely focusing the narrative of our service offering. Her patient and nurturing work in curating our story resulted in increased traffic to our website and a higher conversion rate of our potential clients. Becky’s collaborative spirit and a great capacity for understanding our specific marketing goals achieved the desired result of driving more traffic to our website and generating great support for our sales efforts. We highly value and recommend Becky for her writing and marketing talent!

Will Kaufman, Grand Escapes

I was feeling stumped, confused, and a bit blind-sided when it came to writing content for my website. Becky came to my rescue!  She, not only brought out what I felt relevant but illuminated key aspects, and wove her gorgeous verbiage into a detailed but concise format. She listened, was very quick to respond, and was very attentive and professional. She exceeded my expectations and I am thoroughly grateful for her services!

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