It’s All About Making Connections

Knowing your ideal customer inside and out—their hopes, fears, dreams, and what they eat for breakfast—helps you connect in a way that turns them into loyal customers and raving fans. I’ve created a step-by-step process to uncover the secret sauce of your business and how it solves the problems of your customers best.

Step 1

We’ll begin with a Copywriting Briefing Interview – this phone call takes 60-90 minutes and provides me with the information I need to understand your story.

Step 2

iWrite your copy – web content, emails, sales page, blog posts, brochure content, etc.

Step 3

We revise – typically two rounds of revisions get us right where we need to be.

Step 4

Your story reaches people who need what you sell.

Step 5

You make more money.

Step 6

Both our businesses thrive and we all live happily ever after

Find Your Voice

Your brand is the personality of your business. Marketing copy connects with people who need what you have when it speaks in a language they understand. Expressing the personality of your brand across all platforms – website, social media, blogs, newsletters, emails and ads – consistently and authentically attracts loyal customers.

Know Your People

They’ve got problems and you’ve got solutions. Knowing your ideal customer inside and out – their hopes, fears, dreams and what they eat for breakfast – helps you connect in a way that turns them into loyal customers and raving fans.

Let’s Get Started

“I have had the pleasure of working with many copywriters over the course of my career. One of my greatest joys was working with Becky. She was able to craft a compelling brand story, work within design restrictions, and navigate the limitations of mobile all while inextricably weaving conversational tone with SEO—not an easy task. Her ability to adopt different brand voices made it easy to hire her for any business category. Becky is a terrific collaborator. I was surprised by how adaptable she was to situational factors not under our creative control, proof that she is a seasoned writer.”
Gwenne Wilcox, Brand Magic Marketing