Hello there!

I’m Becky, and connecting people to what they need to improve their lives is what lights me up.

You’ve got an outstanding product or service. Right?

You believe in your business and know there are people out there who need just what your special sauce delivers.


With stories that strike a chord and make connections.

There’s a good chance that your story—the seemingly ordinary details that got you where you are today—is precisely what your ideal customer needs to hear to become a raving fan.

You have solutions, so let’s shout it to the rooftops!

Marketing is about so much more than selling. It’s about connections. So let’s turn your story into authentic, brand-boosting content that attracts the people you want to work with and keeps them coming back for more.

My specialties are web content, email campaigns, blog posts, and content and brand strategy for customers from Oregon to South Carolina.

Need something else?

How it All Began
I grew up listening to the clickety-clack of my father’s typewriter and dreamed I’d one day follow in his footsteps. I sure do miss typewriters. And my dad.

A Long Time Ago
I was an elementary school teacher. In my first year, I was only 21 years old, and a 3rd grader asked me where babies come from. So I answered. In front of the whole class. Then I told the principal and spent the rest of the afternoon calling the parents to apologize. Every single parent thanked me.

When I’m not Clickety-clacking on my Keyboard
I started my business in Ashland, Oregon where I hiked the trails and skied in the mountains for 19 years. Now I live in the Lowcountry of Charleston, South Carolina where I walk the beach just about every day and paddle the marsh in my kayak as often as possible.

Don’t Forget the Dogs

I’ve got three grown kids with husbands and partners I just adore. I’m also mama to two of the best (and worst) dogs on the planet.

Former Loyal Pups: Darla & Lili     Current Precious Angels: Toby & Poppy

Let’s Get Started

“It can be challenging for an organization to work with an outside contractor, as it takes time to learn and adapt to the culture and inner workings of a brand. From the very get-go, working with Becky was easy and refreshing. She clearly outlined her process and approach, then flawlessly executed on our projects. Becky took the time at the beginning of our partnership to really learn about our products and the brand, an investment that has resulted in smooth and efficient project management time and time again.

Not only is Becky highly skilled and adept in her field, but she is also on-time, professional, friendly, creative, and trustworthy. She is a true part of our team, and we are a better brand because of her contributions.”

Sarah Sameh, CEO, Sunday Afternoons